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Your thoughts affect how your life is and how you look at your possibilities

We are governed by our thoughts and thought patterns – our inner dialogue control (consciously or unconsciously) our feelings and how we act. We inherit and copy the foundational beliefs about ourselves and we are drown to what corresponds to our beliefs. Our beliefs are constantly evaluated and are being confirmed or changed according to our experiences, in that way our experiences are a reflection of our beliefs.

Your beliefs are the foundation of your thoughts

Your beliefs (your truths and convictions about the world) affect your thought patterns and determines how your life is.

When you develop your beliefs and thought patterns first it’s makes a huge difference when you want to reach your goals in life – your beliefs creates your thoughts and your feelings and determines what you do (or don’t).

When you step by step develop how you think you successively change your thought patterns and you can see a clear difference in your behaviour more and more.

Coaching which develops your thoughts

When I started as coach I realized that it’s hard to reach your goals if you lack a supportive and encouraging mindset – a long time I struggled with thoughts which was about doubting myself and different fears. What I discovered was that what determines your thoughts and mindset is what kind of fundament of beliefs you have developed through life – these beliefs control how you look at possibilities and sets the bar for how you look at your own possibilities.

Creative BOX is coaching that focus on developing your beliefs and thought patterns so they match your future self – step by step you develop the beliefs you need to have to become the person to reach your dream goals. More about me here ->

Change your beliefs = change your life

You can create the life you want by being conscious of your inner dialogue and develop it so it matches what you want to achieve. I have developed coaching on the 5 fundamental beliefs which is most important to have when you want to reach your goals.

  • I HAVE POSSIBILITIES – you know that your possibilities determines by what you think you are worth to have, experience and do
  • I AM ENOUGH – you know that you are enough as you are, you don’t have to compete or compare with anyone
  • I AM UNIQUE – you are here to be the best version of yourself and celebrate the unique person you are
  • I AM DOING ENOUGH – you have balance between doing/working and being/resting
  • I KNOW WITHIN – you follow your own heart/inner voice and don’t need external confirmation

Online coaching service

These are the unique advantages with Cecilias Online Coaching:

  • flexibel coaching online live or chat function via your computer/mobile phone
  • your own coaching-site especially adapted and setup for you
  • step-by-step coaching with the purpose to develop and change one step at a time
  • you have control of your goals, your development and your next step
  • everything happens in the ”box” and you have everything collected at one place

Contact me for more information ->